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When you stand in front of a room, you don’t just present your ideas, you present yourself. Barbara Boldt Global Communications equips local and global business leaders to get results from their presentations. Whether you’re communicating an innovative idea, a business plan or your company, the way you present can win you allies, investors and recognition. You just need to know the principles behind clear, confident, impactful communication.

Corporate Leaders

Deliver your ideas with expertise, confidence, and impact. Get more value from the global teams you lead and become a more effective change agent in your organization.


Securing investors for your startup business can be daunting. Master the techniques of successful business and investor pitching and start winning backers for your business.

About Barbara Boldt

Barbara Boldt Global Communications empowers you to become a compelling communicator and team leader. Barbara has helped hundreds of corporate professionals all over the world to deliver their messages with clarity and impact. About Barbara

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What Our Clients Say

Charles Puybasset

Charles Puybasset

CEO Nova France

“I took Barbara’s Presentation Skills class when I was six months into creating my company. Hands-on is what I needed, and hands-on I got. Not only did I become comfortable giving oral presentations, but I now really enjoy them. I am now on my way to becoming a TedX speaker—something I would not have even considered before.”

John Gray

John Gray

CEO Pilot Vision Systems

“Working with Barbara was really a great experience. From her structured feedback, she aided me in pulling all of the pieces together to tell a clear and succinct story, in a manner I was confident with. It made a significant difference in how my pitch flowed.”

Erin Barbossa

Erin Barbossa

Founder Intuissa

“I’ve always been outgoing and I’m not afraid of public speaking, so I wasn’t sure if I needed a pitch coach, but I’m so glad I went through Barbara’s process. She increased the coherence of my message tenfold and made me excited to pitch again and again.”

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